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Strong body. calm mind. blissful soul.

Yoga is the blending of posture, breath and meditation. 

Individually, each of those elements bring life-enhancing benefits through either increased strength and suppleness, reduced stress, or enhanced inner calm, positivity and purpose.  It is when these powerful elements are practised in synthesis however, that you fully experience a sense of self-awareness, balance and vitality.

No matter what age, gender, shape, size, level of fitness or flexibility you happen to be – yoga is for everyone. Pure Yoga celebrates the individual and, as such, all classes are tailored to a range of abilities and are always inclusive, encouraging and fun.


Success is not always about what you see.
— Banksy


After a wonderfully successful year working with Little Me Preschool in Bray, Pure Yoga is very excited to be opening its Pure Potential Yoga & Mindfulness training programme to Childminders and Early Years settings this September.  For more info, visit the Book Now page. 



Pure Yoga is run by Emily Whitehead. Find out how you can get in touch and have your questions answered.


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Find out about options, prices and a location ideally located for the Maidenhead and Marlow area.

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Pure Yoga supports Flourish Foundation.